A few days ago I started my cutting phase, not going for a very extreme cut but my goal is to get fairly lean.
I mentioned in my last post that I want to get back in a surplus again as soon as possible, so this cut is going to last around two months, give or take a few weeks.

Anyways, today I decided to write a ”full day of eating” post just to give you an idea of how a cutting diet may look look like.
As of right now I’m in the very beginning of my cut so my calories and macros are not very low yet, but I will make a new ”full day of eating” deeper into my cut as well.

When you are cutting it’s important to choose lower calorie foods with higher nutrition value, this will help you feel more satisfied and make it easier to stick to your macros.
I will get more strict on my food choices the deeper I get into my cut, but as of now I am still able to eat pretty enjoyable since my deficit is pretty low.

Starting the day

While I’m gutting I follow the protocol of intermittent fasting, something like the 16/8 method, but it fluctuates a little bit from day to day depending on my schedule.

When you wake up in the morning you are usually a little dehydrated, and it’s easy to mistake this feeling as hunger, this is why I always start my day with a big glass of water, around 5dl, and then I keep sipping on water regularly throughout the day.
After a couple of hours I start feeling a litter hungry, this is when I have a cup of coffee or a sugar/calorie free energy drink.
The reason for this is that it contains caffeine and caffeine suppresses hunger, so that holds me over for a few more hours.


Most days I go to the gym early in the day, so most of my training is done fasted while I’m cutting.
When I train fasted I always take 5g of BCAA’s before/while and after my workout, the reason for this is that BCAA’s prevents protein breakdown and will help you stay somewhat ”anabolic”.

Breaking my fast

Usually at around 4-5pm I have my first meal, so this is when I break my fast.
I like to break my fast with something easily digestible so that I don’t get tired.

Meal 1

A green smoothie made of:

one banana
300 grams of kale and spinach
300 ml of natural fruit/berry juice without added sugar

And a protein bar.

Macros for this meal
Protein: 27 grams
Carbs: 99 grams
Fat: 7 grams

Meal 2
Somewhere around 1-3 hours after my first meal.

250 grams of chicken fillet
140 grams of turkey bacon
300 grams of sweet potato fires, homemade out of regular sweet potatoes
30ml of BBQ sauce

Macros for this meal
Protein: 89 grams
Carbs: 88 grams
Fat: 14 grams

Between my second and third meal I had a snack where I focused on getting in some more fat

60 grams of unsalted peanuts
200 grams of greek vanilla yogurt

Macros for this snack
Protein: 30 grams
Carbs: 29 grams
Fat: 33 grams

Last meal
I have this meal around 6-8 hours after my first meal

Another smoothie made of:
300 grams of kale/spinach
one banana
200 ml of natural fruit juice

50 grams of smoked salmon
A 100 gram baguette
200 grams of greek vanilla yogurt
one protein bar

Macros for this meal
Protein: 56 grams
Carbs: 159 grams
Fat: 29 grams

Total macros for the day
Protein: 203 grams
Carbs: 373 grams
Fat: 59 grams

This adds up to circa 3000 calories, witch is my daily goal at the moment.

So that’s an example of what I eat throughout a day in the beginning of a cutting phase, and as I get deeper into my cut and my calories get lower I will write a new post showing what I eat.

Until next time, thank you for reading!
Please follow if you want to stay updated and learn more about my approach to fitness!


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