Consuming a sufficient amount of protein is crucial for building or maintaining muscle.
Many people turn to plain chicken and protein powder in order to fulfill their protein needs, and that’s fine, but long term it will get kind of boring.

Today I wanted to make a list of different high-protein foods to help you spice up your diet a little more.

So lets just get into it!

1. Fish
Depending on what type of fish it can be an extremely lean protein source, and if you chose a type of fatty fish that isn’t lean you can take comfort in the fact that fish oils is very good for your health.

2. Egg
Another great protein source is eggs, not only do they contain protein but in one egg you get a little bit of every nutrient your body needs except vitamin-C.

3. Nuts
Nuts is a great food to fit into your diet even though they are very calorie dense.
The fat you get from nuts are very healthy and they do contain a decent amount of protein.

4. Greek yogurt
Greek yogurt can often have great macros, and if you chose a plain yogurt instead of a flavored type you don’t get a lot of sugar neither.

5. Turkey
If chicken has been your go to source of protein and you are starting to get tired of it you might want to try some turkey.
Turkey is just as good a source of protein as chicken.

6. Shrimp
Shrimp is low-calorie, high-protein and loaded with nutrients.
Combined with the great taste it’s an awesome protein source.

7. Beans
Beans is a great carb source, but the beauty with them is that they contain a decent amount of protein and they are pretty high in fiber.

8. Any type of lean beef
If you’re sick of that plain chicken I would absolutely try playing around with other types of lean meat.

9. Low fat milk
Milk is very nutritious, but it’s often pretty high in fat.
If you can find a type of low fat milk you can get a lot of healthy nutrients and a fear amount of protein just from that.

High-protein snacks!
Since I’m making a list of high protein foods I might just as well throw in some snacks for you to enjoy as well.
High-protein snacks is a great way to get in some extra protein between your meals.

10. Protein bars
When choosing protein bars you have to look at the nutrition label.
A lot of protein bar contain a lot of sugar and might be very calorie dense even though they contain protein.
Here in Norway we have a brand called Atkins which has great macros.

11. Rice cakes with peanut butter
Plain rice cakes are pretty boring, but if you throw some peanut butter on them you get a great snack with healthy fats and more protein.

12. Frozen greek yogurt with nuts or protein bars
I am a huge fan of ice cream, but eating ice cream every day would not treat me well.
Instead I sometimes buy some vanilla flavored greek yogurt and cut up a protein bar and some nuts to throw in, then I put in the freezer for a few hours and get an awesome ice cream like snack with a lot of protein.

Hope you found any of this helpful.
Thank you for reading and please follow for more content like this!



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  1. Thanks for the handy list! I can’t wait to try the frozen Greek yogurt. A great way to satisfy my sweet tooth at night. Do you have advice for fighting sugar cravings? This is my biggest challenge area right now.

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    1. Glad to hear you liked it! When I get sugar cravings I usually have a chocolate proteinbar and some fruits or berries.. And as you mentioned, the frozen greek yogurt works great when it comes to satisfying sugar cravings

      Liked by 1 person

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